Brazilian jiu-jitsu

I am a beginner so the notes will be of poor quality probably, but I will constantly update it as I learn.

Why I started this?

Self defense/UFC

Why I continue doing it?

They compare BJJ with Chess and I agree partially. It involves understanding of a system, timing, pressure, lot of strategies, setting/avoiding traps, but most impotant of all is problem solving (especially in crunch time, in physically exhausted state).

Some notes from my class, instructionals, training partners and friends:

Offense System

Principles of Guard passing
Side Control
Knee on Belly (KOB)
Back control
Kimura System


Principles of Guard retention
Closed Guard
Half guard

Pin & submission Escapes

Mount escapes
Back Escapes
Side control escape
KOB escape

Technical details:

Triangle choke
Shoulder joint locks (Americana & Kimura)
Heel Hook
Straight leg lock

Btw, I also do Muay Thai and free style wrestling. <Insert Links>